Attorney Danielle Williams Joins Jones Mayer

Jones Mayer is pleased to announce that Danielle Williams has joined the firm’s Citrus Heights office as an associate. Ms. Williams received her J.D. in 2017 from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California. She brings to the firm a wealth of experience as a deputy district attorney and litigator on behalf of clients in law enforcement.

Ms. Williams previously worked in the El Dorado County District Attorney’s office as a Deputy District Attorney before moving into private practice with a firm that specializes in representation of law enforcement officers. Ms. Williams primarily represented police officers in critical incidents and in disciplinary hearings. She then moved to a civil defense firm where she worked in the litigation department, doing some dangerous conditions suits as well as law enforcement defense.

While in law school, Ms. Williams served as an officer in the Sports Law Society and was a research assistant for a professor who did work in copyright infringement. Additionally, she interned throughout law school in the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. She also studied abroad in Austria between her 1L and 2L years, studying international law with retired United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. As a self-described “Supreme Court junkie,” Ms. Williams was thrilled to get to spend time with one of her favorite justices. 

Ms. Williams is excited to be a part of the Jones Mayer litigation team where she can continue to grow in her ability to represent law enforcement officers. During her time as an intern in county district attorney offices and as a deputy district attorney, Ms. Williams enjoyed working with police officers and building those relationships. That in turn has given her a passion to provide the best defense for law enforcement personnel. 

The opportunity Ms. Williams has had at Jones Mayer to engage in city attorney work has increased her interest in and passion for representing cities and is allowing her to hone her skills in municipal law practice. Additionally, she has had the chance to get involved in teaching classes for the firm to law enforcement groups such as the California Peace Officers Association. “I’ve always had teaching in the back of my mind as something I might be interested in, so this has been an exciting opportunity to explore those skills,” Ms. Williams said. 

As she continues in her career at Jones Mayer, Ms. Williams is looking forward to gaining additional litigation experience and taking lead on more complex cases. She also hopes to explore doing more appellate work. “I’m mainly looking forward to growing as an attorney and being challenged with opportunities to do work I haven’t done before.”

When she is not practicing law, Ms. Williams enjoys spending time with her son, as well as getting outside to explore along the American River with her husband, taking hikes and bike rides and getting up into the snow. When they have the chance, Ms. Williams and her husband also like to attend sporting events, like hockey and football games.  

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Williams to Jones Mayer. For more information, call (714) 446-1400.