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Our Team

Professionals united by a shared dedication to service.

Jones Mayer has built its team of professionals the right way: by seeking out talented people committed to unshakable personal integrity and giving back to the community through their legal work. We cultivate long-term careers, which can be seen in our exceptional history of professional retention. The result is a rare continuity of service for our clients. Our stability provides our clients with a valuable source of institutional knowledge even as staffs turn over.

Meet the members of the Jones Mayer team

Monica Choi Arredondo


Melissa M. Ballard

Kimberly Hall Barlow

Baron J. Bettenhausen

Christian L. Bettenhausen

Jamaar M. Boyd-Weatherby

Michael R. Capizzi

Paul R. Coble

Keith Collins

Scott W. Davenport

Michael Q. Do

Veronica R. Donovan

Thomas P. Duarte

Bruce C. Gridley

Russ Hildebrand

Krista MacNevin Jee

Ryan R. Jones

Richard D. Jones

Rosemary Koo

Lisa E. Kranitz

Gary S. Kranker

Bruce A. Lindsay

Richard A. Lucero

Russell Miyahira

Gregory P. Palmer

Amanda Pope

Scott E. Porter

Tarquin Preziosi

Dean J. Pucci

Cary S. Reisman

Brittany E. Roberto

Denise L. Rocawich

Steve Skolnik

Kristi J. Smith

Wendy S. Stockton

James R. Touchstone

Ivy Tsai

Carmen Vasquez

Robert Wakefield

Jeremy B. Warren

Danielle Williams

In Memoriam

Martin J. Mayer