General Counsel Services

Specialized legal services for specialized public entities.

Jones Mayer provides general counsel services to specialized public agencies throughout California. Our clients in this category include water districts, fire districts, healthcare districts, sanitation districts, redevelopment successor agencies, and joint powers authorities. We provide thoughtful legal guidance using our knowledge of the particular laws and regulations under which our clients operate and experience with assisting our clients to achieve their goals.

Agencies we are proud to serve include the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District, Northern Inyo Healthcare District, the San Juan Water District, and the Lakeport Fire District.

We serve as general counsel to:

  • CA Background Investigator’s Association
  • CA Peace Officers’ Association
  • CA Police Chiefs Association
  • CA State Sheriffs’ Association
  • Gateway Cities Council of Governments
  • North Inyo Healthcare District
  • Orange County Chiefs and Sheriffs Association
  • Riverside County Chiefs and Sheriffs Association
  • Rossmoor Community Services District
  • San Berardino County Chiefs and Sheriffs Association
  • San Diego County Chiefs and Sheriffs Association
  • San Dieguito Water District
  • San Juan Water District
  • Sewerage Commission – Oroville Region
  • South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District
  • South Tahoe Public Utility District

Practicing Attorneys

Cary S. Reisman

Scott W. Davenport

Danielle Williams

Rosemary Koo

Kimberly Hall Barlow

Baron J. Bettenhausen

Christian L. Bettenhausen

Keith Collins

Ryan R. Jones

Tarquin Preziosi