David Demurjian Recognized as ‘Prosecutor of the Year’ by CNOA

David Demurjian of Jones & Mayer is a member of the police practices group (“PPG”). Mr. Demurjian is also a defensive tactics instructor for both state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout California. For almost eighteen years, he has been a member of a large law enforcement agency in southern California and is a certified use of force instructor at the academy.

In addition to these accomplishments, Mr. Demurjian has provided extensive training on use of force legal requirements throughout California. His innovative case-based training scenarios have been well received by law enforcement agencies in the State. By using real scenarios faced by law enforcement officers, illustrated by way of video documentation of these critical incidents, Mr. Demurjian has been able to effectively provide guidance to law enforcement concerning use of force in compliance with this complex area of law. He has provided instruction to the California Narcotics Officers’ Association on a number of occasions.

As a result of his commitment to law enforcement, Mr. Demurjian recently was recognized by the California Narcotics Officers’ Association as their “Prosecutor of the Year.” Congratulations to Mr. Demurjian for being accorded this honor!