Vol. 20 No. 10- Medical Marijuana Sample Ordinances

June 15, 2005

Last week we sent out a Client Alert Memo regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision on California ‘s medical marijuana law.  Since then, we have been asked to provide samples of ordinances which regulate or prohibit the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries in a jurisdiction.  Therefore, we are attaching ordinances from the City of Roseville (regulating the dispensaries) and the City of Rocklin (prohibiting the dispensaries) for your assistance.  Obviously, these are intended merely to provide guidance to you.  In each individual case it is necessary to secure the services of your agency’s legal advisor and/or your city attorney or county counsel, to draft an ordinance to meet the needs of your jurisdiction.

As always, we urge law enforcement management to confer with legal counsel before undertaking action which requires legal interpretation. If you wish to discuss this matter in greater detail, please feel free to contact me by phone (714 – 446-1400) or by e-mail mjm@jones-mayer.com.